Networking has been an important part of business for a long time. You know the saying,  “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”  This is no different in the agriculture industry, and this is usually done by hearsay and talking to different growers and clients during auctions, community events, etc.  But this usually limits the circle of people you get in contact with. 

I think it is vital for growers to communicate with each other.  Sharing information about prices, yields, as well as tips for weed control, baling quality, etc, is a huge boon for the various growers.

I have searched online for forums, or up to date  information concerning local markets, and I have had very poor luck finding any quality information.  There is very little information that is up to date, which is really annoying when trying to prepare for next years crop planting, or planning on taking advantage of local trends.  However I have found a few sites that are trying to address this issue as well has having information.   This website is not even close to up to date, most mosts are way back in 2007.  Good site for posting hay for sale, can’t sort by date, so there is no idea how old the posts are.  The OSU agriculture Research branch page for Alfalfa tests and research.

One purpose of this blog is to share information I have gained by talking with growers, brokers, and clients, in order to benefit the industry as a whole.   Every week we meet new poeple that have a wealth of information, and why not share what we learn?