This spring I puchased a Kuhn 108 speedrake to replace my NH 255 tedder rake, and I must say it was the best investment I have made yet.  I bought the 4 wheeled rake for $3000 used from a farmer in Culver, and it has greatly improved the speed of my raking passes. I have raked pretty heavy hay at 7 MPH, a great improvment over the 3.5MPH with the tedder.  Plus I am using less fuel as I can go in a higher gear and not rev my engine for the PTO on the tedder.

No rake is perfect, and the downsides to this rake are:

  • The windrow is tight and the hay is kind of roped together, which makes it great when baling, but it does not dry as good as when I run the tedder over it.
  • Its LOUD!
  • I have heard some complaints about welds breaking, I have not had any issues with welds however.
  • Does not turn very well while raking.

This rake does very well on uneven, bumpy ground.  The hay is free of dirt, however it can drag up brownleaf if the field was not clean after the earlier cutting. 

Other than the few issues, this rake has been great for me. I would not buy it if I am farming 15 acre fields or less, as the turning issue would be too much of an issue.