Quality hay is continuing to climb in price as the non-rained on hay is becoming harder to find.  Premium hay is about $150-$170 per ton,  up from about $140 earlier this summer.  Good news for cattlemen as low quality feeder hay is abundant because of the rains. I have been seeing it go for about $80-$100 per ton.  There are alot of buys out there for rained on hay as long as it was put up dry if you don’t want to pay top dollar for hay, look for rained on hay without mold.  Yes there are some of this around.

Alfalfa is running right around $130-$150 for premium dairy quality.  There seems to be plenty of third cutting left, but if dairies start really agressivly looking for feed,  stocks could be emptied pretty quickly.

Look for prices to stablize right around $160 for the winter, unless something drastic happens with the export market to sway prices either way.  Feel free to post comments on your experiences with concerning hay prices.