Just a reminder for anyone who has not yet purchased their hay.  Prices are climbing fast, I talked with a producer who is thinking about raising their prices up to $200 per ton for their premium orchard grass.  I think this is just the beginning, I am starting to get calls from brokers who are scrambling from decent quality hay as their suppliers are sold out.  That is always a bad sign considering its only November.

While premium hay is scarce, there is still quite a bit of lower quality mixes out there, but consumers will have to lower their expectations a little.  Remember, bluegrass hay can be great hay for horses!  I have fed it for 8 years off and on and my horses have done great on it.  

I was looking up some hay prices in Washington, and I saw quite a bit of hay running over $210 a ton,  Washington exports a large amount of hay over to China and Japan, so supplies are even tighter up there. 

If you are still looking for hay, I strongly recommend you get on it as soon as you can.  Craigslist has some hay advertised still,  they are mostly smaller quantity growers and prices are steady at around $165 for premium hay and $120ish for good hay.