Hello everyone.  Summer is coming up, and soon hay buyers will be out in full force.  If you are planning on buying local hay this year, either in Central Oregon, or wherever you might be, it is important to start looking now. 

You can take steps right now to make finding good hay easier to find this summer and later this fall.  Here are a couple to keep in mind.

  1. Drive around and see which fields are burned, or at least have their edges burned and cleaned up.  This keeps down the weeds that start once the irrigation comes and the weather gets warmer.
  2. See what fields have the least brown leaf right now. That brown leaf will be in your hay first cutting, some fields green up and won’t have much brown leaf.  Other fields that are brown right now will have those dead leaves in the bale later.
  3. Look at which farmers have turned on irrigation.  At this posting date, soil moisture is still pretty good here in Central Oregon, but in another week or so, fields will start to dry out.  Some farmers try to leave the water off as long as possible to save money and time.  This usually does not affect the hay quality too much, it mostly affects yield  but it maybe it means that other details might not be getting the attention needed for optimal quality.