Red or Green? Case or John Deere? 220 HP and have plenty of horses but pay more fuel costs? Or 150HP save a bunch of money but fight having to big of implements?
This spring my Dad and I have been asking these questions as we searched for a tractor for field work. We ran numbers on the fuel economy, how many acres needed to pay the payment, expected life span, etc. After three months of shopping we decided on a John Deere 8200 (180 hp) that was located at a dealer in Othello, Washington.

We had it narrowed down to the Deere and a Case 8930, which was a year newer and had 1,000 less hours. The Case was also almost $30,000 cheaper than the Deere, but uses 3 gallons of fuel more per hour than the Deere. We did the math and the fuel savings was enough to make up the difference in the payment.
I was amazed by how much nicer of a tractor the Deere is compared to the Case. The cab was larger and quieter, it had better visibility, and the instruments were placed in a much better arrangement. I am planning on putting at least 500 hours on it a year so a comfortable cab is a huge plus.

We won’t know if we made the right decision on out purchase until we get the tractor working, but hopefully it will work good for us and our operation.