In today’s information world, the internet has replaced books for accessing information and researching diverse topics.  However agriculture has been lagging in getting information posted on the web for public viewing.  In fact, I have found it difficult even finding books on farming topics.  The other day I visited my local library and the agriculture section was a pretty sad lot. I don’t think there were 20 books, and more than half of them were on gardening or the negitive effects of commerical farming.  Not exactly a wealth of information.  I am currently trying to research growing seed crops, the different requirements they need, and how to market the seeds.  So far I have only found information from other farmers  and my field man.

I see a huge opportunity in getting information posted online, so that farmers all over the world can learn how to best grow their crops.  And maybe there are some sites that I don’t know about that is already doing this.  If so please leave the url in a comment below! One researce for informtaion for me has been the Oregon State Extension Office in Central Oregon.  Here is the link to their website. The downside to this site is that this site is specific to Central Oregon, and if I wanted to learn about something not grown locally here, this site would be pretty much useless.   If you search what you are looking for followed by “OSU”, it will bring up any PDF files that Oregon St. has posted. 

A great way to learn about equipment is to search  Most of the major manufactures have pages with hundreds of videos.  And if you can wade through the advertising, there are some videos that are a great learning tool. Also other farmers post many videos and you can visually see how they are doing things. 

Hope this is a help to anyone, and if anyone knows of any other sites in english, please leave the url in a comment!