When Barack Obama signed the latest Farm Bill, it made it legal again to slaugher horses here in the United States. Because of this there has been a huge uproar by the enviromentalits, including PETA, and numerous other groups and private bloggers.  In this post, I will share my thoughts on legalizing horse slaughter.

First off, I don’t think the horse slaughter industry will roar back to life quickly. I think it will take a few years to get slaughterhouses up and running and to regain market share that we lost to Canada and Mexico. But if businessmen do get busy and slaughterhouses do start popping up all across the nation, it will be a great blessing to horses.  This may seem totally ironic and rediculous but read further and you may agree with me.

With the current lack of slaughterhouses, old or unwanted horses have no place to go.  With today’s economy and high hay prices, many poeple can no longer afford their horses and have no way of selling them.  Because horses live for such a long time, a huge glut of horses has been created in the United States and many of these horses are worth pratically nothing.  Horse owners have few options to get rid of their unwanted horses, many try to give them away for free. Horse rescues have been created to care for unwanted horses, but most are filled to capacity and feeding worthless horses with expensive hay is not a sustainable solution.  Many people released horses out on public land. 

I rememeber back a few years, my family wanted to buy horses and the value of a well-broke horse was much higher than it is today. On the Bend craigslist, there are hundreds of horses posted for sale for a fraction of what they would have been worth 5 years ago.  There is just no way to remove the unwanted horses on the market and it has been dragging down the horse industry. I wonder how many horses are being malnurished because the owners can no longer afford feed for them.  If a horse has any sort of injury or blemish, you might as well put a bullet in it’s head because no one wants a lame horse. This is a sad state for a horse to be in now days.  If horses had more value, they would be given more care, and live longer, healthier lives.