The first cutting of 2012 has been baled in some of the warmer places of Oregon including Boardman, Ontario, as well as on the California border.  Dodging rain in May, the weather cleared up the first week of June and horse and dairy quality hay has hit the market.

While talking to producers and consumers alike, there seemed to be a bearish tone heading into the first cutting, but so far prices have’nt dropped much from the winter prices. The Capital Press has a few ads for Alfalfa and Orchard Grass above $210 a ton.  Craigslists of different areas also have many ads over $200/ton, with few farmers undercutting the price even with old stocks.   Granted many areas have yet to cut so there is quite a bit of hay to put up for 1st cutting, so there is still plenty of time for a drop.

Here is an interesting article from Hay and Forage Grower concerning hay prices.